Governing the Ecosystem

Autonomous Loans

The DAO allows the community to vote on loan terms and amounts

Staking Rewards

CCM holders who stake their coins benefit from the Car Coin staking rewards

Control Treasury

The community controls the DAO's treasury and any uses of funds.

Car Coin Lending

Allows you to finance your car purchase without having to sell your crypto assets.

Car Coin Lending is a decentralized auto finance application that allows users to pledge their crypto holdings as collateral for an automotive loan. Decentralized lending products are available to anyone, anywhere, and require only a wallet to use. Collateralized crypto auto loans allow for more competitive and convenient financing options in the automotive industry.

    Car Coin Market

    A new paradigm in buying a car

    Car Coin Market is an online marketplace offering vehicles to consumers with cryptocurrency as a payment option. Inventory is made available through strategic partnerships with inventory providers throughout North America. Currently, Car Coin Market has over 1500 dealers in all 50 states, making it the largest automotive platform for crypto payments in the world.

    Car Coin Tokenomics

    How is it distributed?

    CCM is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network. CCM has been distributed to protect the community and provide the project with the best position for success.

    Total Supply



    30,000,000 a position in the DAO's treasury will consist of CCM tokens

    Rewards Liquidity:

    68,000,000 incentives for providing liquidity on decentralized exchanges

    LBP Public Auction

    50,000,000 token allocation for public auction launch

    Pre-Sale, Seed and Partners:

    37,000,000 contributors that participated in our initial round and strategic partnerships

    Community Promotion

    15,000,000 used to reward and incentive our community for their efforts in contributing to our success

    Car Coin DAO - Making Car Buying Decentralized